Ideas for organizing your desk and your surroundings

1. Board
A very useful item for work.
You can attach not only stickers with reminders, but also papers and other things you need for work. You can buy or make your own cork board. Due to the natural material and wooden frame, this option suits any interior. You can attach anything to the cork surface with ordinary office buttons and pins. You can also buy a slate board. You can write on it with chalk and attach papers on magnets. Or just coat a regular board with a special paint.

2. Pencil case
A handy option for organizing pens, markers, scissors and other stationery is to put it in jars. You can use tall canning jars painted with paint or covered with brightly colored wrapping paper.

3. desk organizer for little things.
Use any boxes, wooden drawers, plastic containers or old boxes for sorting smaller supplies. Decorate them to your liking.

4. Spreading the wires.
Piles of tangled wires from your computer, printer, and other appliances take up a lot of space and get in the way. So it is important to spread them out and secure them in one position. To do this, you can attach some office clips to the edge of your desk and put wires into their rings. This is a good idea for organizing space on your desk.

5. A filing cabinet.
A chest of drawers or a shelf for files and other things can be made with ordinary wooden or plastic drawers stacked on top of each other. You can create a minimalistic piece of furniture by choosing drawers of the same shade, or you can use multicolored drawers to add a bright and creative accent to the space.

If you properly organize the space inside the cabinet and accurately calculate the size of the free space, you can even put a printer inside it, which will significantly save space in the office. You can intelligently distribute smaller items inside by using small old boxes, homemade dividers made of cardboard, and grommets and tubes.

You can make an organizer and also a place where other employees can leave documents by attaching old containers to the wall. Decorations for them can be paints, wrapping paper, stickers, etc.

6. Flowerpots.
Even the most ordinary plant will become a "highlight" of the desktop if you put it in an original pot, decorated with your own hands. For this you can use fabric, ropes, kraft paper, nail polish, shells, buttons - any ways and improvised materials.

7.Cell Phone Holder
Many people need to use a cell phone for work. In order not to constantly hold it in your hands, make your own hands a stand from two office clips - quickly and conveniently.

8.A cup holder
Tea and coffee are the most common drinks in the office. To prevent mugs with hot liquid from spoiling the surface of the table, you need coasters. They can be made by, for example, gluing wine corks together. If you like handmade, you can sew (from felt and other dense materials) or knit coasters. Interesting look options, glued together from dominoes, playing cubes, etc. Ceramic tiles and leather are also suitable for coasters.

9.Extra storage space
If there is not enough space on the table and drawers, and you need to have more items on hand, attach additional storage space to the edge of the table. It can be organized using cardboard and plastic boxes. You can make the latter out of shampoo cans by simply cutting off the top and painting the rest with paint. No one will guess that it used to be a plastic bottle.